Maarten Heidenrath


My thesis on teambuilding for my masters degree in social psychology (specialization work and organizational psychology)

Heidenrath, M.M.A. (2014). Does team building lead to better performing teams? The influence of a team building exercise on team communication, cohesion and task performance. Unpublished master's thesis for master's degree, Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands. (docx | pdf)
Appendix C (pptx1 & pptx2)
Cleaned up SPSS dataset (sav)
Original SPSS dataset (sav)

Computer stuff

Cisco RV220W

The Cisco RV220W is a pretty neat router, hardware wise. Unfortunately software wise not so much. So I decided to start hobbying around a bit with the device.
Opening up the RV220W
RV220W console
RV220W firmware file structure
Custom firmware (to come...)